Sterling Backcheck:

The Sterling Backcheck partnership provides employee screening and background services giving clients the critical information employers need during the employee screening process.

Fox Rothschild LLP:

Fox Rothschild LLP’s partnership provides proactive legal advice to help organizations achieve business objectives and anticipate challenges for today and tomorrow.


JV Solutions LLC has been helping automotive dealers by supplying compliant solutions in this very regulatory environment for over three decades. Judy Vann Kardstadt is a Master AFIP certified Mentor and Proctor for the AFIP Certification Exam.   She has been helping dealers implement The Safeguards Rule Information Security Policy and the Red Flags Rule Policy since their inception in 2003. 

Group Consulting:

Group Consulting, a subsidiary of CheckPoint HR, develops benefit packages for small to medium sized groups designed to attract and retain valuable employees.

These trusted advisors proudly partner with Automotive HR Solutions

Associate Member of NJCAR & ADAGP

KPA’s partnership provides customized plans for environmental safety and loss control to establish and maintain compliance at your facilities.

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Milman, Labuda Law Group LLC:

The Milman, Labuda Law Group, LLC’s partnership provides effective solutions to complex labor relations issues, ensuring compliance with the law.


Caliper’s partnership provides accurate employee assessment instruments, which provide data for measuring a person’s potential, personality characteristics, individual motivations, and likely behaviors on the job. When people are in roles that are best suited to their basic personalities and motivations, they not only perform well – their productivity actually surpasses expectations.


Our partnership manages the time consuming task of on-line payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing so you can focus on running your business.

Automotive HR Solutions, LLC